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Monero Talk on Crypto Globe || April 8, 2019:
"Monero's Lead Maintainer: Bitcoin will Become Global Reserve Currency"

Monero Talk on CryptoDaily || April 5, 2019
"Monero’s Spagni Suspects Bitcoin Got To Where It Is Today Due To Its Lack Of Privacy"

Monero Talk on AMB Crypto || April 5, 2019:
"SEC guidance will never really matter to Monero [XMR], says Riccardo Spagni"

Monero Talk on Forbes || January 24, 2019:
"Here's The Critical Difference Between Bitcoin And Other Crypto Assets"

Monero Talk on Monero Out Reach || December 17, 2018

Monero Talk on Crypto Insider || December 7, 2018:
"Monero and Purism’s shared vision to bring cryptocurrency to retail"