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About Monero Talk

Monero Talk broadcasts weekly conversations on YouTube ( with topical guests to understand what the Monero cryptocurrency is today and what it hopes to become.

We strive to give birth to new Monero users by simply reporting on the facts in our search to answer the question--Is Monero the truest cryptocurrency of them all? In staying true to the Monero ethos, we aim to always be skeptical. While we are Monero Talk by name, and Monero devotees at heart, the intention of the show is to ultimately discover and support the one blockchain that is most aligned with the original cypherpunk and crypto-anarchist ideals that cryptocurrency was born from. And the one that is most likely to succeed at becoming true digital cash. So far, we believe Monero is the one.

Guests include:
The developers and researchers working on the open source core protocol and the cryptography behind it;
The people building the projects and infrastructure supporting the protocol;
Privacy advocates and people building privacy enhancing technologies;
Analysts and investors speculating on Monero's growth;
Journalists and pundits weighing in on Monero's place in the crypto-sphere; and
Respected (sometimes controversial) contributors and community members.

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