Chainalysis Panel w/ ArticMine, Justin Ehrenhofer, Peter Todd, Michael Hassard & Tor Ekeland (Monerotopia23)


September 6th, 2023

54 mins

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Monerotopia 2023 - El Dinero de la Gente🎉🇲🇽 📜 May 5 - May7 in Mexico City! We had AMAZING Speakers lined up: freedom seekers on a mission to build out a true digital cash parallel economy outside of State control. This was not a number go up maxi fest!

Francisco "ArticMine" Cabañas (Monero Core Team Member, XMR Scaling Expert)
Justin Ehrenhofer (VP Operations, Cake Wallet)
Michael Hassard (Federal Trial Attorney, Tor Ekeland Law, PLLC)
Tor Ekeland (Managing Partner, Tor Ekeland Law, PLLC)
Peter Todd (Cryptochronomancer and Bitcoin rabble rouser)

In this panel discussion, experts delve into the complex issue of accountability for blockchain analysis companies and the enforcement of their risk scoring systems, offering diverse perspectives on privacy, regulations, and the role of blockchain analysis companies in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, highlighting the complexities and challenges in this rapidly evolving field. The panel explores the implications of risk scoring, the potential for misuse, and the challenges of making blockchain analysis companies liable for their scores. They discuss the need for transparency, privacy tools like Coinjoin, and the impact on Bitcoin's fungibility.

Join us for an informative conversation on the balance between privacy and accountability in the crypto world!

Justin Ehrenhofer
Peter Todd
Michael Hassard
Tor Ekeland

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