Coming to consensus on how best to preserve Monero’s fungibility w/ JTGrassie


April 2nd, 2023

1 hr 46 mins

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About this Episode

TODAY'S 🎙SHOW: Douglas Tuman interviews Monero developer, JTGrassie.

The two discuss the issues with tx_extra, why this field exists, the importance of making transactions uniform, why stuffing image data in a private transaction's extra field is crazy, the reason most people in Monero are against having NFTs on the XMR blockchain, how mordinals could diminish privacy and fungibility, whether or not removing tx_extra is the solution, steganography and more followed by a must listen Q & A session where Luke Parker joins the conversation.

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00:00 Monerotalk w/ JTGrassie Introduction.
04:22 How TX Extra is making Monero less fungible and what DevCommunity is doing about it?
20:14 What would be good to create new fungible digital cash?
51:12 What about the risks going into a new approach?
1:04:37 Monerotalk on Twitter Spaces w/ JTGrassie and Luke.
1:51:16 Monerotalk w/ JTGrassie finalization.

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