Koe on Seraphis and Monero's Unique Fungibility


October 25th, 2021

1 hr 19 mins 19 secs

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TODAY'S 🎙SHOW: Douglas Tuman interviews Koe, the lead developer on the Seraphis project and primary author of Zero to Monero.

The two discuss his latest work on Seraphis, what it is and how it will benefit Monero, the pros and cons of ring signatures, the similarities of Seraphis to Lelantis Spark, the challenges of developing code robust enough to last 20 years and beyond as well as why he thinks Monero is better at being digital cash than Zcash.

3:17 – Koe’s Monero Story
5:04- Inspiration for 'Zero to Monero'
7:33 - Becoming an expert Monero
8:49- Understanding Decentralization
11:05 - Ring Sigs and Fungibility
12:24 - Bitcoins privacy, flaws of ring sigs
15:50 - Seraphis, Ring Sig vs Membership Proofs
19:14 - Explaining how different proofs work.
20:52 - Tryptic proofs
23:43 - Lelantis Spark
24:49 - Difference between Lelantis Spark and Seraphis
26:16 - Thoughts on Firo
27:19 - Potential Benefits of Seraphis
29:37 - Going into benefits of more keys, wallet functionality
35:47 - Making atomic swaps more usable
37:43- Collaborative funding, kickstarter like functionality
39:27- Paper Monero Theory
42:50 - Potential Attacks on Monero via Reorgs
48:22 - When to Expect Seraphis
51:43- How is the Monero Developing process?
56:53 - ZCash vs Monero
1:09:09- Lightening Network and Monero
1:11:32- Will Monero need a similar solution to LN
1:13:28- Multi Sig, Readable Monero Code
1:16:51- Where to find Koe

Github: https://github.com/UkoeHB/Seraphis

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