Luke Smith on Monero's Unique Self-Propelling Nature


June 8th, 2021

1 hr 26 mins 33 secs

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TODAY'S 🎙SHOW: Douglas Tuman interviews Luke Smith, a well known privacy and FOSS advocate.

Doug and Luke discuss the importance of privacy, the flaws of bitcoin that maximalist overlook, the benefits of Monero and what direction it is headed and if he sees crypto being the solution to the mass surveillance through technology.

0:00 - Intro
1:20 - Monerotalk Starts, About Luke's Content
2:40 - Discovering Luke, Talks Cryptos Main Use case
5:20 - Self Propelling Crypto Networks
10:00 - The problems with a layer 2 solution.
13:25 - Bitcoin was supposed to be what Monero is
19:09 - People that actually use crypto, use Monero
22:53 - Privacy importance, issues with Bitcoin
30:50 - Benefits of Monero
34:20 - Discovering Crypto, Bitcoin, Monero
36:55 - Importance of peer to peer transactions
38:50 - What is the Ted K. reference?
43:33 - Using Less Technology
45:40 - The Effects of Monero on the world
51:17 - Luke's area of expertise
54:30 - Is crypto Luke's passion?
56:27 - Monero as a 2nd layer to BTC
58:58 - Criticisms, Arguments against Monero,
1:05:20 - Monero Development team
1:08:03 - Luke's most popular content
1:09:44 - How followers respond to Monero content
1:16:40 - Explaining Monero to people/ Monero Outreach
1:21:55 - Final thoughts

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