Marc Falzon on the Dark Side of Bitcoin in El Salvador


February 11th, 2022

46 mins 34 secs

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About this Episode

TODAY'S 🎙SHOW: Douglas Tuman interviews Marc Falzon, a crypto journalist who recently published a very well made docu-style report on “the dark side of bitcoin in El Salvador”.

Marc is passionate about spreading crypto adoption and its use case as digital cash so much so, that after the interview, he tweeted that he will be Attending our Miami MoneroTopia event in April to document Monero thinkers and conversations. We area thrilled to add Marc as our latest media sponsor.

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0:00 - Intro
2:46 - BTC adoption in El Salvador, BTC rollout
4:18 - Fleeing El Salvador
6:11 - Insight into BTC/El Salvador situation
8:59 - The Future of BTC in El Salvador
14:14 - Will They Use it the way it was intended
16:04 - Reason for Protests in El Salvador
19:53 - Marc's Crypto Story
25:03 - Thoughts on Digital Cash/ Censorship Resistance
28:35 - St. Kitts Growing Crypto Economy
33:15 - BitcoinCash to Monero
37:55 - Marc's Motivations / Training
43:46 - Future Pieces
44:37 - Outro

Twitter: @MarcFalzon
Instagram: marcfalzon

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