MoneroKon 2022 Lisbon: Monero Talk Special Edition


June 23rd, 2022

1 hr 17 mins 27 secs

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About this Episode

TODAY'S 🎙SHOW: Doug and I headed off to Lisbon for MoneroKon 2022!
In short, we had an amazing time. Lisbon was fantastic, especially when we were enjoying it with Monero loving folk.

The Konferenco was a blast and felt very fresh even just coming off of our MoneroTopia conference, mostly because we got to meet so many Monero folk that never attended any of the state side events.

We MC’d all day Saturday, helped keep the conference running, attempted to do our Gratutias coffee, despite our coffee luggage arriving late and not providing our Monero roaster friend enough time to figure it out..and we did a live MoneroTopia episode with some big names…but on Sunday we were able to focus on grabbing some Monero Talk interviews.

Our only regret is not having more of these long form convos but we hope to reach out to the speakers we missed to interview them another time

In Conclusion: The Monero community is strong and passionately focused on the mission of providing the world an unstoppable digital Cash utility!

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00:00:00 Intro
00:02:05 Clips and Pictures of Day 1 at Monero Konferenco
00:03:00 What is the relationship between ITP and Monero?
00:07:05 About dev exchange
00:08:30 What's the incentive of running a dev exchange node?
00:12:20 How does swapping between coins with ITP work?
00:17:20 ITP vs. Tor
00:21:00 Adella Toulon
00:34:35 Will Monero get regulated?
00:43:00 Monero's resistancy regulations and curruption
00:45:15 Preventing mass surveillance with Monero
00:56:20 Monero in Portugal
01:03:07 ArticMine
01:06:12 The environmental impact of Monero
01:12:50 What could catalyze Monero mining to become something done amongst general society?
01:17:38 Outro


1st Interview
Breaking ITP
Twitter: @DigitalValueX

2nd Interview:
Adella Toulon Foerster
Twitter: @bitcoinkhaleesi

3rd Interview:

4th Interview:

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