Full Chain Membership Proofs and Beyond w/ Luke Parker aka KayabaNerve | EPI 308


April 16th, 2024

2 hrs 9 mins 14 secs

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TODAY'S SHOW: In this episode Douglas Tuman interviews Luke Parker (aka "KayabaNerve”) as part of a Monerotopia segment. Normally we don’t publish the MoneroTopia special guest segments as a MoneroTalk, but this one is not to be missed!

Luke offers some mind bending insights into the development, implementation , and implications of Full Chain Membership Proofs (FCMPs). Luke describes what he sees as being the path toward implementing them into Monero prior to the Seraphis upgrade. They cover the potential timeline for implementation, with Luke aiming to have it ready within six months, and the possibility of presenting the completed work at the next Monerotopia conference!

(00:03:18) Introduction to Full Chain Membership Proofs (FCMPs)
(00:25:54) Technical Details of FCMPs
(00:48:37) Implementation Timeline and Auditing
(01:02:40) Q&A With Luke
(01:03:02) Developer Incentives and Funding Models
(01:26:19) Questions on FCMPs, Cryptography
(01:33:42) Political Situation in Argentina
(01:53:43) Other Technical Questions and Closing Remarks


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