Danny Akston, Paul Puey, Sterlin Luján and Douglas Tuman live at Porcfest 2024 | EPI 317

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TODAY'S SHOW: Douglas Tuman participates in a live episode of The Crypto Show at PorcFest 2024 hosted by Danny Akston, with guests Paul Puey (CEO of Edge), and Sterlin Lujan (anarchist activist and contributor to the Logos Project).

The group covers a wide range of topics specific to privacy, Monero and other privacy-centric projects. The discussion focuses on challenges in maintaining privacy in cryptocurrency transactions - particularly in light of recent government crackdowns on tools like Tornado Cash and Samurai Wallet.

Additionally, the conversation touches on the adoption and usability of privacy coins, including features like earning opportunities, liquidity pools, and user-friendly wallets. Also hear their insights on the legal and regulatory landscape and the potential impact on the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

(00:01:35) Speaker Intros
(00:13:11) Government Crackdowns on Crypto
(00:25:32) Usability of Privacy Coins, New Tech for Increased Adoption

(00:29:52) Monero Privacy Enhancements, FCMP
(00:51:04) Wallets and User Experience


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