Permanent Residency Paraguay w/ Linus & Matthias, Libertarian Fair, Price & MORE! EPI #85


October 1st, 2022

1 hr 41 mins 44 secs

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MONEROTOPIA 💃🏽🏝🕺🏼 EPISODE #85: THURSDAY SHOW!! We chat about the New York City Meetup, Mercer County Hightsttown Libertarian Fair in New Jersey that we will be attending this Saturday to talk about Monero and serve our delicious coffee, These 4 indicators show "Bitcoin is dead!" Price Report with aFungible, special guests Linus & Matthias who talk about how their new business (which accepts Monero!) which helps get people a Permanent Residency in Paraguay, the XMR news of the week with Tony where he chats about Monero seedsigner, Localmonero uses the unofficial „dollar blue“ rate, Binance to train law enforcement to catch crypto criminal, CSS proposal for continued Seraphis development, Optus hacker demands $1 million in Monero, Binance on Burj Khalifa, Georgia Meloni censored on youtubeStandalone Rust Monero transaction library by Serai, Edward Snowden getting Russian Citizenship and MUCH MORE!

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Localmonero uses the unofficial „dollar blue“ rate:

Binance to train law enforcement to catch crypto criminal:

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