LIVE at the 2022 Libertarian National Convention in Reno, Nevada! Epi #66


May 31st, 2022

1 hr 28 mins 7 secs

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MONEROTOPIA 💃🏽🏝🕺🏼 EPISODE #66: LIVE at the 2022 Libertarian National Convention in Reno, Nevada! aFungible gives us a prerecorded Monero Price Report for the week, we chat with Libertarians attending the conference about Monero, wallet and MUCH MORE!

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00:00 - Intro
00:47 - Live at the libertarian convention with Ned, Captain Liberty and Andy Johnson.
02:01 - Why the libertarian party is split?
04:02 - The silence on covid lockdown
04:53 - Cryptos and freedom, why libertarians aren't into Monero?
16:43 - What would the libertiarians do against regulations on crypto?
24:35 - How Ned, Captain Liberty and Andy got into crypto
30:54 - Angela: the adoption of Monero for privacy
35:32 - Where is the libertarian party standing right now?
45:51 - Price report
57:12 - Martha why she left the libertarian party
1:09:17 - Viewers on stage
1:19:51 - gr44pwk Poland and Martha on taxes and governments

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