A Special LIVE Monero Tail Emission Global Celebration!!! #68


June 13th, 2022

25 mins 52 secs

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About this Episode

Come hang out with local Monero fam members as we count down the start of Monero’s tail emission! Douglas & Sunita will be LIVE streaming a NYC MoneroTopia episode and broadcasting with fellow Monero meetups all around the globe!! This is an historic moment for Monero and Crypto in general!

WHERE? See a meet up near you below!

-Chicago, Illinois (Hang out with Justin)

00:00 - The reason that brings us together? Monero!
06:47 - On freedom and Crypto, how these tie together?
09:57 - What we think and what it is: liberty in China
13:51 - Pat on upcoming Monero events!
16:50 - Bringing liquidity to crypto projects
18:52 - Guest segment! Tony, Individual A and Geonic: the hype on Monero tail emission
23:44 - Wrapping up: enjoy tail emission day!

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