Sarang Noether & Aram Jivanyan: On Improving Monero with Lelantus Spark


October 1st, 2021

1 hr 8 mins 39 secs

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TODAY'S 🎙SHOW: Douglas Tuman interviews Cryptographers Aram Jivanyan and Sarang Noether about their recently published proposal of the Lelantus Spark protocol.

The three discuss the development of the proposal, how it was funded by “privacy coin” project Firo and the benefit of competing cryptos trying to solve similar problems; the benefits it potentially could provide to Monero if adopted, and the general privacy coin space.

0:00 - Intro
1:44 - Monero Talk Starts - Aram & Aaron's background
4:03 - How the development is going
5:55 - Lelantus Spark's effects on Monero
9:04 - Benefits to Monero
12:12 - More on Lelantus Spark's effects on Monero
21:01 - Ambiguity Sets and importance of 128
22:41- Will more upgrades to privacy needed after Spark is Implemented?
24:14 - Will Firo get similar results?
28:22 - Was Lelantus Designed with Firo in mind?
35:48 - How Ongoing is the project?
37:09 - How much more innovation to expect from Lelantus Spark
39:05 - Firo's Importance
42:37- How they see Monero and Firo Communities coming together
44:06 - Multisig improvements
48:33 - Firo's long term vision. Layer 2 solutions?
49:25 - Differences between Monero and Firo
54:55 - Cryptographers desire to solve problems
55:54 - What projects do other cryptographers find exciting?
59:30 - Will Self Sovereign Identity make it into Monero or Firo
1:00:13 - Could Monero be capable of more than communicating value.
1:02:25 - What projects do other cryptographers find exciting?
1:04:30 - Will there be consolidation among privacy coins
1:07:00 - Outro, Where to find Aram & Sarang


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