Sergei Chernykh: On his development of P2Pool a Decentralized XMR Mining Pool


September 10th, 2021

57 mins 2 secs

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TODAY'S 🎙SHOW: Douglas Tuman interviews Sergei Chernykh aka sech1 a monero developer that has made very important contributions to Monero’s mining network.

The two discuss Sergei’s most recent breakthrough contribution. The development of p2pool, Monero’s first decentralized mining pool that lets miners team-up to mine together, without taking any fees and without yielding a centralized pool operator their vote in the network, thus allowing for pools that can grow large without fear of a 51% attack on the network.

The two also discuss how Sergei came about finding and working for Monero, randomx, and what areas in Monero need more improvement.

Please consider donating to Sergei for his development work. His address is posted in the show notes. Please also consider donating to Doug’s CCS proposal so Doug can transition to working full-time on helping Monero grow.

0:00 - Intro
2:13 – Monero Talk Starts
3:15 – Sergei Mining Background
4:38 – How did Sergei get into Monero?
7:27 – How can Monero be improved?
9:15 – Sergei’s contribution to Monero
12:25 – How big can P2Pool get?
13:28 - Problems with growth of system
14:48 – Differences from the BTC implementation.
15:54 – Explaining P2Pool
17:51 – Directing Donations to Monero Fund
19:57 – What are the drawbacks of P2Pool?
21:20 – What other ideas are in the works?
23:32 – Getting more involved in Crypto
24:05 – Discusses XMRig contributions
26:23 – How does Monero compare to other Crypto?
29:41 – Is Centralization of Development an issue?
30:46 - Will ASIC mining become common in Monero?
32:30 – Thoughts on RandomX
34:01 – Is Monero more robust than Bitcoin?
35:55 – Are Botnets detrimental to Monero?
38:25 – Thoughts on Monero reputation
39:39 – Concerns about Government suppression
41:27 – Implications of Ransomware
42:?? - Comparison to BitTorrent
45:09 – Interest in other Crypto?
45:47 – Disconnect between Monero and market price
47:04 – Monero as legal tender?
48:18 – Thoughts on Lightning Network
49:08 – Could Monero have a Lightning Network
49:43 – Where can Monero improve?
51:23 – Crypto scene in Russia
52:20 – Final thoughts, Update, Future Events

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