What is Monerujo PocketChange & how it works w/ Anhdres! Price, News & Deve Segment! EPI #119


June 11th, 2023

2 hrs 2 mins 9 secs

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MONEROTOPIA 💃🏽🏝🕺🏼 EPISODE # 119 What is Monerujo’s PocketChange & how it works w/ Anhdres! Price Report with Bawdy, Dev segment with dGoon, XMR news of the week with Tony and MUCH MORE!

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00:00 Monerotopia Introduction | Monerotopia2023 Confer Videos soon, Monero Nodo and more!
07:08 Monerotopia Price Report w/ Bawdyanarchist.
35:13 Monerotopia Development Segment w/ DGoon.
53:15 Monerotopia News Segment w/ Tony.
1:03:14 Monerotopia Special Guest Segment w/ Anhdres.
1:48:20 Monerotopia Viwers on Stage Segment.
2:01:17 Monerotopia Finalization.


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Nassim Taleb says that BTC “transformed into a cult”: https://fortune.com/2023/06/09/bitcoin-black-swan-author-nassim-taleb/

Kenya thinking about CBDC: https://cointelegraph.com/news/cbdc-may-not-be-a-compelling-priority-says-kenya-s-central-bank

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